If you're currently in a network marketing, or a direct sales business, (or you're about to start one), then learn...

"How One Frustrated & Burned Out Introvert Cracked The Code And Discovered A Timeless Secret, Back Door Strategy That Completely Eliminates The Need For Cold-Calling And Buying Dead-Beat Leads Forever... And As A Result, Delivers Educated, Ready-To-Buy Prospects & Distributors To You Like Bees To Honey... Even If You're Just A Beginner."

Read on and learn more about this revolutionary rejection-free step-by-step formula that uses the power of 'branding' and attraction marketing, so you can work less and increase your profits by up to 300% (or more) within the next 30 days or less.

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Dear Entrepreneur,

My name is Brad Weinman and people that know me will tell you that I'm a no-fluff, 'tell it like it is' kinda guy. And after mentoring people over the last several years from all around the world on how to generate their own leads and get more sign-ups and sales in their business of choice, I can safely say that I know what you want.  

First of all, I know you want to make money in your business... and even though you're not lazy (you aren't are you?), you want to do it as effortlessly and efficiently as possible instead of making things difficult.

You want to see your income grow each month instead of shrivel and dry up, and you want to be excited and have fun with what you do. You want your business to work hard for you for a change.

Well that's exactly what this site is all about... it's about YOU!

But let me make something perfectly clear before we go any further...

If you don't like hearing the truth about what really works in 2007 and beyond when it comes to building your network marketing or direct sales business on the internet...
if you're gonna just skim through this website without reading it word for word (or scan this page until you find out how much it costs)...

If you're not willing to drop what you're doing and take seven minutes to read this letter all the way through...

Then please leave this site now. I wish you the best with whatever you choose to do, but you're probably wasting your time here and I can't help you.

Sounds a bit harsh doesn't it?

Well frankly, I'm just not into telling people what they want to hear, and I don't care about being politically correct. I also have no interest in trying to "convince" you to spend your hard earned dough by writing some over the top, hyped-up sales letter. I don't need to do that.

So, you still with me? Great.

It's time for you to turn off your cell phone, lock yourself up in a quiet room, grab your favorite beverage of choice, and read this entire page. By the way, you might wanna print it out easier reading, just a suggestion.

Ready? OK...

Let's face it, there are some really great opportunities out there, but even if you join with one of the BEST companies in the world, the cold hard truth is your chances of succeeding big-time are slim at best. 

Most distributors get the short end of the stick and if you're anything like me, you've tried all kinds of hair-brained and time-wasting methods to build your business.

I'm talking about things like buying worthless leads, cold calling, sending out oceans of emails (to angry people who don't want to hear from you), using the "3-foot" rule, putting signs on telephone poles (illegally), wearing embarrassing buttons and pins, doing the 'dog and pony show' (hotel & home meetings), making out your 'list' and hounding your family and friends, etc... Yeah right.

If any of this sounds familiar, it should because it's the same crap that was drilled into my head when I first joined the home business industry many years ago.

Side Note: If you've ever had the 'pleasure' of cold-calling leads for any length of time, you know how utterly brutal it is... you end up with a big ole' lump in your stomach, a bruised ego, wasted time, tons of disconnected numbers, and pissed off, negative people that lost money in other deals. 

Geez, it's no wonder why there's a huge attrition rate in this industry - Hard-core prospecting techniques and old-fashioned sleazy sales gimmicks like "handling objections" and "closing" are ineffective and degrading for most non-sales types (the 95% crowd). And if cold-calling works for you, congrats, but in my opinion, you're doing it the HARD way and failing to recognize the power of leverage.

"Do as I say, not as I do..."

And take it from somebody who did all those things and more, just like my upline leaders told me to...

I bought the lists....

I licked the stamps and mailed the postcards...

I left flyers on windshields only to get chased away by the parking lot security guards...

I cold called at 100+ leads a day...

And you know what?

My measly commission checks were freakin' embarrassing. I cringed every time a friend or family member asked me how much I was making from my "lucrative home based business"- truly sad.

How about YOU?...

Confused about what REALLY works to build your business online, and don't know who to believe anymore?

Are you still cold-calling leads and continually getting rejected?

Frustrated with "replicated" systems that don't work the way 'they' said they would?

Still buying overpriced leads with little or no results to show for all your hard work?

It's safe to say that I was taught just about everything known to man about building a home business from all the "gurus"... everything except how to actually make money with one!


Yeah... the one thing that isn't being taught today in network marketing and direct sales is... you guessed it - MARKETING!

Sounds crazy, but it's true... and it's one of the the key reasons why most people fail. 

If you've never been taught how to market your business effectively, it not your fault. But you've gotta do something about it if you're absolutely serious about improving the results you're getting.


Are you completely fed up with all the stuff
you've tried and finally ready for something REAL?

Uh, huh. That's what I thought.

Well, if you're willing to follow a simple, step-by-step 'blueprint', I'll show you how to become the hunted instead of the hunter and attract ready-to-buy prospects coming to you on a silver platter. No magic fairy dust and no gimmicks. I promise.

And I'll tell ya, when I discovered how to do it the right way, my business got incredibly easier and much more fun. I went from being a frustrated and struggling networker for my first 4 years to earning a multiple six-figure income in record time.

What was it that made all the difference?

What simple, yet major change took place that turned my business around?

Well it had nothing to do with becoming a better salesman, cold-calling more leads or joining the "right" company at the "right time". It had nothing to do with any of those things at all.

It was simply a revolutionary marketing formula that I stumbled upon pretty much by accident.

At the time, I had no idea that I was on the verge of a major breakthrough, and if you're serious, I'll share with you what I currently do to build my own business on a daily basis... the same exact time-tested strategies and marketing system that I personally used to earn $667,790.00 last year from my home business.

"After reading and implementing specific techniques and strategies in this book, I was able to make an excess of $100,000 in my first six months. This stuff works and it's truly amazing." - Damian Benko

If you're willing to make a commitment to your business, I'm gonna pull back the curtain and provide you with a proven solution so you'll no longer have to struggle anymore... (unless of course, you actually want to - my guess though, is, you don't)

The information you're about to learn will show you why most people fail miserably and once and for all, give you more insight and understanding about the industry than 99.9% of the people who have ever signed a distributor application.

Maybe you've bought into all sorts of so-called "proven solutions" before, but how many can actually back up their results with proof?

Look around... There are a ton of “experts” out there that'll brain-wash you by promising you a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and give you a bunch of garbage advice that doesn’t work.

Almost without exception, these authors and "pretend experts" don't have a clue about what they're talking about.


Because when it comes right down to it, where the rubber meets the road, a lot of them don't even have a single day of "in the trenches" experience. Most of them couldn't make a buck in business is their lives depended on it.

All they do is regurgitate someone else's material, which was garbage to begin with, and now they offer it for sale.

oughta know, cause I've spent money on this garbage in the past, just like you probably have.

In the next few minutes you'll be able to hear (in their own voices), what others are saying about the information I teach and how it's turned their business into a cash cow, then you can be the judge.

So I ask you, would it be of value to you if I could really show you how to attract more leads and prospects to your business, almost effortlessly?

If so, read on and let me take you on a little blast to the past... The year was 1998. Every day (except Sundays), I would spend countless hours prospecting on the phone, working from the east coast to the west... 'dialin' for dollars' and 'workin' those numbers' like I was told I had to do to build a national organization.

Funny thing is, starting out, I had big enough dreams that working through my huge fear of calling complete strangers about a business opportunity was enough to keep me in the game long enough to actually get pretty good at it after a while. I even won some sponsoring awards, and in 2002 I was asked to do an interview for Six Figure Income Magazine

I'll spare you all the boring details, but needless to say, as a shy, introverted guy, I hated cold-calling and viewed it as a necessary evil.

Anyways, there are times in our lives when something is so profound that it just flat out hits us like a ton of bricks and we have one of those "AH-HA" moments and we're forever changed.

As I said before, I discovered an little-known direct marketing formula that took me from cold-calling and prospecting/chasing hundreds of leads every month, to becoming the hunted, not the hunter.

I just KNEW there had to be a better way and I found it!

Here's what started happening...

Practically overnight, prospects started knocking on MY door first, wanting to do business with me because they already knew, liked and trusted me before we spoke on the phone. And the cool thing was I stopped making calls to people... they were calling ME instead!

I became a tour guide and order taker instead. 

Refreshing concept isn't it?

Anyways, from that point on, I left my old way of doing things in the rear-view mirror and my business from that point on would never be the same...

These days, I don't buy leads anymore. I don't hold meetings (or draw circles on whiteboards or napkins). I don't harass my family and friends (or anyone I come within 3 feet of), and thankfully, I no longer have to make any dreaded or awkward prospecting calls to tire kickers anymore. 

Frankly, I don't even talk to tire kickers because they don't call me.

I'm soooooo glad that's over with!

Psssst! Can you keep a secret?... Ok, you know I almost feel a little guilty by saying this but... I don't really work very hard these days. God bless the internet. 

I pop up out of bed every morning, eager to start my day... yeah, even on Mondays!

For me, it all comes down to having the FREEDOM to live your life on YOUR terms, and no one else's!...

Imagine establishing a solid residual income and finally being able to say goodbye and good riddance to the frustrations, insecurity and workplace politics and bickering of your regular job (if you currently have one)... having the freedom to spend time with your family, work when you want, dress how you want, and keep all the money you bring in.

Hey, I can't complain... Life for me is pretty darn good these days...

All I did was make one simple, yet major shift in the way I was building my business.

I'll reveal the exact 'blueprint' I've used to personally generate over $25,000 in income in only one week in just ONE of my businesses (documented), and at times, over $100,000 in a single month (not exactly chicken feed)...

After numerous requests, I decided to distill everything I've learned over the last 8+ years (that works) and put it in writing.

I call it the Attraction Marketing Blueprint™ and it's a beefy 165-page e-book (electronic book) based on timeless marketing concepts so ridiculously simple to understand and incorporate, that it can help anyone in ANY home business earn $100K+ per year in less time than you ever dreamed possible.

Make no bones about it, times have definitely changed. Your prospects and more savvy and cynical than ever before and you have to know how to win their trust and their business based on what's in THEIR best interests.

That's where I come in. I can teach you how to do that, but only if you're willing to take some action and apply what you learn.

Network marketing newbies and seasoned professionals are experiencing STARTLING results using the easy to understand information inside my Attraction Marketing Blueprint... 

"I love the fact that you've gone into extreme detail from start to finish..."

"I just finished reading your book and it's fantastic man. As you know, this is exactly what I like to share with people as well and I love the fact that you've basically gone into extreme detail from start to finish, you basically show people the process that you've used and many others including myself have used to brand themselves and learn how to attract their prospects to them. I'll definitely be recommending this to my list."

Mike Dillard

"I'm living proof his strategies work."

"I wholly endorse Brad's Attraction Marketing Blueprint™ simply for this reason; because I'm living proof his strategies work. They're the same strategies that I'm using in my own business on a daily basis. If having character in business is important to you, and you want to make tons of money online, get Brad's book, it's totally worth it."

David Dutton

"I was able to make an excess of $100,000 in my first six months. This stuff works..."

"After reading and implementing specific techniques and strategies in this book, I was able to make an excess of $100,000 in my first six months. This stuff works and it's truly amazing. 

I was very surprised and extremely pleased that I had prospects calling and emailing me, and what was really nice, was that they already knew who I was and wanted to do business with me specifically. This is a must read if you're serious about taking your business to the next level"

Damian Benko

"Thank you so much for getting this out to people"

"From the time I picked it up, I just kept writing in the margins and underlining stuff. I believe in personal branding. It takes a little bit longer, but it's powerful. And then you ended up with creating multiple streams of income, and I think a lot of people still don't understand how it's supposed to work, how it can work and you put it down so well.

My hat's off to you. Thank you so much for getting this out to people." 

Troy Dooly

Let me ask you...

What are YOU currently doing to build trust with your prospects?

If you believe nothing else I'm sharing here, believe this. One of the biggest challenges for any online business is how to win over the trust of your visitors. You CAN'T build a business, ESPECIALLY an online business, without first establishing trust with the people looking at what you're promoting. 

Your prospects wanna know...

Are you trustworthy? 

Will you provide support AFTER the sale? 

How do I know that what you're saying is for real?

These are all questions that go through your prospect's minds while they decide whether to choose you as their sponsor or buy something from you or not.

For most people that are using generic 'me too' type replicated systems, they're probably not building much trust up front... which is the main reason why their bank accounts are always shrinking instead of expanding.

What if you could remove the "I don't think I can trust you" barrier almost instantly, which in turn, would bring you one BIG step closer to having someone join your business or buy your product or service... sometimes without even needing to talk to you first? My Attraction Marketing Blueprint™ will show you how to do that.

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"The shortest path to success that anyone could ever find..."

"Brad's ebook in my opinion, is the shortest path to success that anyone could ever find, and whether you're a newbie or a seasoned marketer, it's so easy to follow. It's just like reading a road map, plus it's a lot of fun. Everything that you're going to learn about branding yourself and attracting more wealth than you ever dreamed possible is just a few pages away. 

Once I learned about branding myself, the entire universe opened up, so I can honestly tell you this book will never go out of style or become outdated. It's truly the best investment anyone will ever make."

Jill Bachman

"I absolutely love it!"

"As always, I'm very impressed with Brad. What he's created with his new course, 'Attraction Marketing Blueprint' is clear and specific and on target. Branding yourself is absolutely the best way to go and Brad's done an outstanding job of pointing the way of how to do that effectively.

Charise Carter

"Produced multiple six-figures..."

"Instead of having to go from sale to sale to make an income, we've really created a solid, consistent and steady income through multiple income streams and have produced multiple six-figures, and I've only been using these strategies for about a year now. 

Very powerful stuff to really teach you how to brand yourself and make yourself stand out online. I surely recommend this ebook to every single person. Get your hands on it, it's a blessing!"

Phil Dimartino

Wouldn't it be exciting, if from now on, you ONLY spent the majority of your time simply answering phone calls and emails from interested prospects that want to do business with you?


  • NO more cold-calling and painful rejection
  • NO more 3-way calling
  • NO more chasing leads - forever!
  • NO more leaving messages with flaky tire kickers that never call you back
  • NO more 'money pit' ideas that only produce more debt instead of leads
  • NO more buying leads, period
  • NO more friction within the family, due to a lack of funds

Instead, you could pick up the phone and hear something like this:

"Hi Brad, my name is Joe, and I've been checking out your website for the last hour and I'm interested in your 'XYZ' business. Do you have a few minutes to answer a few questions? I'm ready to get started."

Now if you're thinking, 'Sure Brad... you expect me to believe that kinda stuff really happens? - I'm not surprised. For most people who are struggling to make their business grow, it sounds like an exaggerated pipe dream, doesn't it?

All I can tell you is this - I get calls like that every day in my own business... A lot of times, my business runs on auto-pilot... people will just join my business or buy products and services I promote without even talking to me first. I no longer have to push, try to sell and "close" people (or handle objections). They're simply going ahead and buying from me!

And if it works for me, it can surely work for YOU too. You just have to know and implement the correct formula.

Click Here To Grab Your Copy Now!

"Within the first 30 days of working with it, I was able to turn a pure profit of $45,000..."

"I just want to thank you for putting out the Attraction Marketing Blueprint, Brad. Within the first 30 days of working with it, I was able to turn a pure profit of $45,000 and that was after losing $5,000 a month for several months, it's just incredible.

Gabriel Wilson

"He literally decodes everything the top marketers use to sort at the top."

"It's taken my five years to understand and implement the strategies that Brad reveals to you. He literally decodes everything the top marketers use to sort at the top

If you want to learn what's separating you from success in this industry, pick up your copy, print it out, and devour every word."

Westly Lager

"I was amazed..."

"I made a little over 1.2 Million online over the last six years net profit and I would have to say that at least 60 - 70% of that was due to name-branding."

Brian Garvin

"I can't say enough fantastic things about this book."

"You've put together a complete A-to-Z e-marketing guide, full of innovative techniques and easy-to-implement action steps.

Barry Goss

I developed my Attraction Marketing Blueprint
out of many frustrations.

And they weren't just my frustrations. Others told me they had similar experiences with trying to generate quality leads and prospects for their online businesses.

Once I started to use what I'd learned, a LOT of people wanted to know how I got so many leads, and so many new people joining my businesses.

YOU can have these answers in just a few minutes, but here's THE bottom line fact:

The strategies in my 165-page Attraction Marketing Blueprint™ e-book have been responsible for helping me earn thousands of dollars in net profit per day...

But let me qualify that by saying that I'm able to make this kind of money, NOT because of who I am, but because of what I've learned over eight plus years of trial and error... digging in the trenches and getting beat up, bruised, and frustrated about all the money and time I wasted.

The great news for you is, because I already did this, you don't have to!

Now it's YOUR turn!

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Most of what you'll discover in my course is the
exact opposite of the outdated, hair-brained
strategies too many marketers and
upline trainers still teach.

Does that sound a bit... harsh?

Well, for your sake, it should! Think about it. Have you ever wondered WHY, with so many methods of success being marketed, the fact remains that 98% of the people who start their own network marketing, affiliate or direct sales business, FAIL?

The REAL question is... what's missing?

Let me say right now, if you've found something that works for you, by all means, continue to use it. I wouldn't want to see you drop it and go off in another direction. Stick with it! 

But even if you're an old pro and you ARE successful, I'm absolutely positive you can still pick up some highly profitable golden nuggets to add to what's already working for you.

If you're not in that group yet, here are a couple examples of what I'm talking about:

1. You've probably been taught... 'It's a numbers game - work the numbers and the numbers will work for you.'

2. You've also been taught some traditional sales and cold-calling tactics about 'closing' the sale and handling objections.


Well, that's NOT what I'm providing with my 'Blueprint.' There's a far better, easier rejection-free method of getting your business, product or service message across... AND making money!

The concept of “Permission Marketing” is slowly but surely gaining in popularity as the old idea of “Interruption Marketing” continues to become less efficient and more wasteful.

And it doesn't matter whether you're promoting a network marketing opportunity or selling a specific product or service. This information is 100% Generic and was designed to specifically and dramatically enhance what you're currently doing.

Your own personal roadmap and guide to attraction marketing is just a few mouse clicks away...

Until recently, I'd accumulated all this attraction marketing know-how, and I was using it every day in my own business projects, but it wasn't really organized in a format that someone else could use and implement.

Now, in my Attraction Marketing Blueprint™,'I've assembled everything so that it brings together ALL I've learned over the years about 'attracting bees to honey' and getting prospects to chase you down to do business with you. 

This Step-by-Step guide will help you maximize your growth AND your profits in your online business. Like I said, it's the SAME 'blueprint' I use for MY online business every day.

My Attraction Marketing Blueprint™ provides valuable insights and secrets you probably haven't seen anywhere else.

Here's some of what you'll learn:

  • The most effective way to build credibility, draw interested, targeted prospects to your site, and properly position yourself as an expert (even if you're a complete newbie and haven't made a dime yet). (Page 68)

  • The truth about what it really takes to build a thriving business online... no hype or B.S., just the ins and outs of what it means to operate on the web and make a full-time living from it. (Page 10)

  • How I made $29,867 in net referral commissions within 72 hours and over $375,000 in commissions in 100 days… from just one company. (Page 108)
  • The #1 reason why people fail to make money online and how you can avoid it like the plague (Page 27)
  • How to automatically build trust and create a deep, personal and 
    emotional RELATIONSHIP between you and your prospects BEFORE they 
    talk to you. (Page 38)
  • How to recognize the Cynics, the Skeptics & the Players/Buyers you’ll come across when building your business, and how to deal with each one for maximum effectiveness. (Page 34)

  • Why you must first GIVE before you can expect to receive, in order to
    have long-term success in your business. (Page 41)
  • How I stopped being a 'hunter' and started being a ‘tour guide and an order taker…’ which put the FUN back in my business… and how you can do this too! (Page 42)
  • Why my attraction marketing system offers you no more selling or painful rejection and how to use automation to enroll customers and reps almost effortlessly. (Page 81)
  • How to stop wasting time and money on tire-kickers and worthless leads. Learn how to generate your own real-time leads for less than $1.00 each and how to have them pay YOU for your advertising costs. (Page 85)
  • Why the long-term solution taught in my Attraction Marketing Blueprint™ is something that probably less than 1% of all other online entrepreneurs truly understand, let alone implement in their business. (Page 12)
  • Why it's important to avoid using flashy graphics, animation, and fancy type, and what you must get right to make sure you don't leave money on the table for one of your competitors to snatch up. (Page 91)
  • Why (and how) you must leave out anything that takes attention away from your main purpose, which is to capture your lead's information. (Page 86)
  • Why I save certain types of 'junk' emails that really tug on my emotions, and why you should too! (Page 92)
  • Why the old adage of ‘just make out a list', and 'work the numbers and the numbers will work for you,’ is the worst advice for most people. (Page 12)
  • When you should avoid mentioning your company name, and why. (Page 98)
  • A list of 17 words to avoid using in your advertising that turn people off, and a list of 32 words "Power Words" you can use that create sales! (Page 101)
  • When to tell your leads and prospects they ‘can’t have it,’ and why this
    secret weapon can be very powerful. (Page 102)
  • Why experienced marketers are always saying "The money is in the list"... and how to properly build your own profitable list from scratch. (Page 108)
  • All the components you simply MUST have in order to succeed in Internet marketing. (Page 116)
  • What ‘Lurkers’ are, where to find them, and why many people overlook this untapped goldmine for prospecting. (Page 122)
  • How to never hear "No!" from a prospect ever again. (Page 14)
  • What you need to know about Pay-Per-Click advertising to avoid losing money, and why the majority of marketers simply don't have a clue about what they're doing. (Page 130)
  • How to automate the majority of your business so that you have more free time to enjoy life, instead of being bogged down with mundane business tasks. (Page 149)
  • The amazing ‘secret weapon’ that's usually never mentioned by mainstream marketing "gurus,” but can get you Top 10 rankings in Google and tons of free real-time leads flowing in within 72 hours. (Page 136)
  • How to send a marketing message that will be read by virtually 100% of those who receive it. (Page 153)
  • How to get the most bang for your advertising bucks on a shoestring budget. (Page 120)
  • A little-used method to continually increase your profits and build multiple streams of income with your existing customers. Many entrepreneurs know about it, but don't use it much, if at all. Yet it's extremely powerful! (Page 154)
  • The real reason why people usually say no to an opportunity, and the best way to deal with it before it comes up. (Page 30)
  • Why loyal customers are your most valuable asset, and how to make sure you keep as many of them as possible so they buy from you over and over again. (Page 157)
  • How to set things up so that you'll never have to worry about any company you affiliate yourself with going out of business. You'll learn how to properly set up a business portfolio to create multiple streams of income. (Page 160)
  • Why becoming a successful attraction marketer is the cheapest insurance policy that you can ever own. (Page 162)
  • And much, much more...

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"If you get his book, follow his instructions, and use his techniques, you simply cannot fail."

"I can honestly say that I didn't really start achieving any level of success online until I met Brad and started following his lead.

So I can highly recommend his new book Attraction Marketing Blueprint because Brad just absolutely lays it all out there for you, and if you get his book and follow his instructions, and use his techniques, you simply cannot fail."

Greg Swift

"This ebook has changed my mindset"

"Brad just made my life easier and I'm sure he's going to make other people's lives that much easier because he took his knowledge and he put it in an incredible ebook.

If you would like to avoid a lot of trial and error, and pitfalls that so many people encounter when they try to advertise or market online, you owe it to yourself and I strongly urge you to purchase this priceless ebook."

Mark McLauren

"If you're looking for the way to increase your income through branding, this ebook is amazing."

"Branding is an amazing way to establish yourself on the internet. It's a great method to create relationships with your customers... to build the trust and confidence of your prospects in you. It makes you unique and different than everybody else."

Tatyana Gann

"Thanks for being a breathe of fresh air for this industry."

"Your simple, step by step, bare bones approach to branding yourself on the internet has increased my traffic from just one ezine by 10 - 15%. Brad, your ebook has single handedly turned on a light bulb for me after five years of internet marketing, and I strongly agree that it will for others that are serious."

Eric Fletcher

Isn't It Time To Finally MAKE Money?

If you've read this far, I know you're serious about your business. Something in what you're reading here is telling you that I'm 'for real,' and I have real information that you HAVEN'T been exposed to before.

Look, I really have been in your shoes. Maybe you've worked hard, but it isn't paying off as quickly as you need it to. You get discouraged, but you can't accept having to live with that darn j-o-b for the rest of your life. Do you want to make sure this doesn't happen?

Why stand on the sidelines and watch others make money... when YOU could be doing the same?

Click Here To Grab Your Copy Now!

"Our income has soared within a short amount of time..."

"With Brad's help we've now taken our financial freedom to the next level. Our income has soared in just a short amount of time and my husband is retiring at the age of 53."

Nancy Kerner


"One of the most important books I've ever read!"

"The Attraction Marketing Blueprint is a must read for every internet marketer.

Brad's unique writing style made me feel like he was sitting right here talking to me. It's an easy read and once you start, you just can't wait to finish it. Thanks Brad for writing one of the most important books I've ever read!"

Carol Salisbury


"You've basically laid everything out in a simple, step by step process from start to finish" 

"I highly recommend your ebook to anyone who's looking to make money on the internet. I've read some other ones, but yours is the best one that I've come across.

A couple of other things I liked about it really makes it so valuable is you show people how and why to stop chasing prospects. You instead show people how to attract people... so instead of the cold calling or buying leads or sending out thousands of emails, or harassing people, you show people how to bring people to them. 

The book was outstanding and I highly recommend it."

Mike Riedmiller

"It's such a refreshing change..."

"It's such a refreshing change to have at my fingertips, a step by step guide to setting up my internet business and it's very comprehensive to use."

Tammy Montgomery

"It definitely works."

"Over the last eight years, we've reviewed many marketing systems and various methods for promoting our corporate website. We've known Brad for several years and we just finished ready his Attraction Marketing Blueprint, and all we can say is, awesome.

Thank you Brad for sharing your secrets with the world."

Kenny & Connie Laskowski

"I owe you a lot Brad and words cannot thank you enough."

"Brad, I've gotta hand it to you, this is by far some of the most practical information I've ever read. Everybody who's in direct sales, mlm, network marketing, affiliate marketing should get a copy of this book immediately. They'll never complain about generating qualified leads again.

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How effective is this? I have another page that is very similar to what you teach. In 3 years it has never produced one documented sale or generated a lead. So, I created a new web page based on your strategies in this book. The very first day it went public, I was able to generate over $600 in sales and it delivered to me 21 new "hot" prospects. Talk about passive income?"

Bob Alter


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My Attraction Marketing Blueprint™ puts into your hands not only new tools and tactics for growing and improving your business, but it'll open the door to a new way of thinking that can benefit you in many ways... even beyond just your business.

You can be setting up your own highly-automated attraction marketing system in just minutes from now. This course is for beginners as well as advanced marketers.

You’ll hear my complete story about how I earned my success. But more importantly, you'll have a step-by-step A-Z guide – a process to follow, so YOU can be more effective, more productive and more aware of how to attract hot prospects wanting to give you business. 

Are you ready to gain the success you deserve?

Real success, working with people who’ll be happy they found you and work with YOU.

Get Instant Access To My 165 Page Attraction Marketing Blueprint Which Will Provide You With Step-By-Step Instructions On How To Brand Yourself So You Can
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Free Bonus #1 –  Special Report: Understanding Personality Types To Become A More Effective Communicator ($27 Value)

This information will empower you to::

  • Gain insight and instant rapport with your prospects and business partners.
  • Motivate others into action and help keep them focused. 
  • Decrease conflicts and "personality clashes." 
  • Win friends and increase cooperation with even the most difficult people. 
  • Identify your personality “color” and quickly identify the color of others.
  • Gain the unfair advantage that your competition doesn’t have.
  • Adapt your preferred pattern of behavior so it’s more in line with others.
  • Have a lot more fun prospecting.

This special report will open your eyes to what motivates your prospects and how to appeal to all types of personalities you encounter. It's a perfect companion to your Attraction Marketing Blueprint™.

Free Bonus #2 – Free Updates For 1 Year ($50 Value)

You'll benefit from 'on-going' updates and news for one full year... at no extra cost in the password protected customer area!

We all know that successfully marketing any product or service over time depends on staying current with new techniques and new tools proven to work.

With that fact in mind, you'll be happy to know that you'll automatically get all of my 'Attraction Marketing' Blueprint updates and news, and most anything that I can share with you about business building success, delivered via email for ONE full year, at NO extra cost.

Just ONE of these new insights and updates CAN BE worth many times the cost of my Attraction Marketing Blueprint™ ebook, and you'll receive these FREE for one full year!

And... My 100% Iron Clad Money-Back Guarantee

I insist that you order my Attraction Marketing Blueprint™ entirely at my risk. That's why this product comes with a Risk-Free, 30 Day, 100% Money-Back Guarantee.

Go ahead and grab your copy and the extra free bonuses right now. Login the private members only area, download everything, and then read through it at your own pace.

Your satisfaction is really important to me, so if my course isn’t everything that I say it is, then simply print out the first page of the course, write your name, email and mailing address on the page, and then snail mail it to: Synergy Global Ventures, Inc., 1005 Terminal Way, Suite 110, Reno, NV 89502, and I’ll refund 100% of your purchase price.

That's not only a guarantee, it's a promise!

The time to start making 'Attraction Marketing'
work for you is right now!

You have a unique opportunity to get year's worth of someone else's 'School of Hard Knocks' education and knowledge.

This course is for sharp entrepreneurs and serious beginners who value their time and money. Instead of trying this or trying that, and frankly wasting tons of time and thousands of dollars on worthless marketing ideas, I can show you how I was able to make $667,790.00 in 2006 using these exact same methods I teach. 

Isn't that worth learning? Is it time to put the FUN back in your business?

Try it out for yourself and then decide. Don't spend too much time thinking about it, I may raise the price any time. Secure your copy right NOW.

Remember, you get all 165 pages of my Attraction Marketing Blueprint where you'll learn how to get incredible results no matter what company or opportunity you're with, plus the bonuses for a limited time for $97 only $67! (Save $30)

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As soon as your payment is authorized, you'll receive your login information. Please follow the instructions provided for immediate access to the Members-Only pages to download your Attraction Marketing Blueprint™ and the accompanying bonuses.

Thanks and see you on the inside!

Brad Weinman

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