Magnetic Sponsoring

One of the most revolutionary products I've ever seen in the industry. It was created by my Buddy, Mike Dillard. After struggling in the MLM industry for over 6 years, he discovered the strategies and tactics he now teaches and went from waiting tables to Millionaire status by the age of 28.


Traffic Formula

My Buddy Mike Dillard's famous "MLM Traffic Formula." Learn how to create endless leads, and cash flow for ANY online business (not just MLM). You'll learn techniques so secret that you may even out perform some of the top lead companies. I consider this course a must-have if you're serious about lead generation.


Just Add Traffic

Learn the art of creating killer lead capture pages and the ins and outs of using email autoresponders to follow-up with your leads automatically.  Get all this in our complete step by step course to automating your business.


The Super Affiliate Handbook

This was one of the first ebooks I bought when I got started with affiliate marketing Rosalind Gardner really knows her stuff as she guides you through the entire process of building an affiliate marketing business on the 'Net. And if you're really serious about making $100K or more per year with affiliate marketing, check out Affiliate Bootcamp.


Home Business Tax Savings Manual

This was the first manual on how to save money on my taxes that I actually understood. It's packed with easy to use forms and explanations. Congress has told the IRS to reimburse you for your sign-up fees, product purchases, marketing materials, and even out-of-pocket costs. Get this manual and find out how to collect.


Stop Being a Victim

I wish I had this information 9 years ago... I could have saved myself a lot of time, money and disappointment. This little $5 ebook is filled with tons of common sense tips on how to avoid being scammed in the Internet Marketing World. Once I started reading it, I couldn't put it down and the content is a real eye opener ( even for passive income veterans like me).

Whether you're a 'newbie' or a seasoned online money-maker, this book will show you how to make the best of what the Internet can offer while avoiding all the online traps and pitfalls.


Cash Lead Cards

Since 1987 thousands of CashLeadCards™ have been printed for various types of businesses. They're a $20 bill half folded and inside is a small TEAZER ad for your opportunity. They look like the real thing and are especially great for building your network marketing or direct sales business offline when you're out and about.


I.D. IT! Plates

Use your car to advertise your business. These slick, triple chrome plated "traveling billboards" stick safely to any car and can promote your opportunity, product, company or website while you sit in traffic! They can also be displayed in the office, on doors, windows, filing cabinets etc. and can convey any message.



Here's another fun way to drive traffic to your website 24/7, 365 Days per Year.


The Definitive Guide To Google Adwords

If you want to learn the art of using pay per click advertising, you'll want to learn from the best, and one of my mentors, Perry Marshall, is the best. I'd gladly pay hundreds of dollars for this inexpensive book. Pick up your free 5-day email tutorial on Google AdWords, it covers some of the most important things you need to know. The course is free and I think you'll find it very helpful.

Another great tool that will help you generate 1000s of keywords in seconds for Google Adwords is Keyword Elite . This is a MUST have. All the big players in the PPC world have this keyword tool.

They'll set up a complete pay-per-click campaign for you so you don’t have to do it. Of course they charge you to do so, but it could save you a tremendous amount of time and effort. An account rep will work along side you and take care of your every need in getting going on with PPC. 1-866-wpromote. Pricy, but worth it.


Website Builders:  


The CityMax website builder is a powerful yet simple tool for easily creating clean, yet professional websites without any programming skills or additional software. Great for website newbies.


WebsiteWizard is also great for people that have never built a website before but know how to copy and paste.


XSitePro has been designed to be easy to use, while at the same time offering some of the most powerful features needed by most internet marketers and affiliate marketers, but I don't recommend it unless you have a techie mind or previous experience in building websites since its software can take time to learn.



Internet Marketing Basics:  

33 Days To Online Profits by Yanik Silver

Over 250 pages of some of the best online marketing "how to" information ever written... And the price is unbelievable!) This is a "must own" product in my opinion.

NEW Video Version

An updated and revised version of "33 days" with screen capture video on 2 CD-ROM's. 41 videos totaling over 3 hours of video instruction from Yanik and Jim.



Get Connected:


Get Connected Report

My Buddy David Dutton is probably the most connected man on the internet. Learn exactly what you need to do to get in good with top professionals and millionaires. Get them to promote what you have to promote and even join you in business. Only $7 for this amazing report.




High Impact Templates

Looking to make your website stand out but getting good graphics made is out of your budget? Look no further. Sean Lowery from mini site graphics has the answer. Get fully customized templates for your website at less than $6 per template.



Copywriting Secrets:



Joe Vitale

This is must have when creating your sales letters. Learn the psychological triggers that make people want to buy from you. This course show you the missing ingredient to make your sales go through the roof! A must-have in my opinion.





Ultimate Marketing Center

I've used this service for my website hosting for over 2 years and Kavi, the owner is one of the best guys to work with. You get 10 domains hosted for just $19.95 a month. He's got all kinds of add-ons, but the hosting alone has been awesome.



Domain Names:


Wild West Domains

This is an associated company of GoDaddy and is by far the cheapest place to purchase domain names and web hosting. Easy to use and follow back office helps you manage your account easier.


This is a company I've been buying domain names from for a long time, and they offer great service, but their prices aren't the best.



Website Legal Disclaimers:  


Internet Law Compliance - In today's day and age, anyone doing business online and owns a website has got to be insane to not have this protection. Don't get busted by the Feds because you didn't have the proper legal disclaimers listed on your website! Use this simple, easy to use software to generate the forms you need instantly, and protect yourself from having the FTC knock on your door.



Shopping Cart:


If you're looking for a good email autoresponder combined with an adaptable shopping cart system, then this is most inexpensive option out there. Adapts to anything that you need to do in business.



Mini Site Graphics:   Mini Site Graphics

Get top quality graphics made in a timely fashion.  Promote your product in style.  Affordable and top quality.  Customize your website or product with some unbelievable graphics.






The cheapest and best email autoresponder out there.  Easy to follow back office, and comes with the highest delivery rate available at over 99%.






I got rid of my Norton and McAfee once I found this one-stop software program to protect yourself, family or business from online hackers, identity theft, invasion of privacy, spyware, and other cyber crime. 

Click here to test your computer now.

  1. Run the FREE PC test (Red Icon) to see if you're already compromised and at risk.
  2. Then view the "Internet Risk Presentation" (Blue Icon) to become informed about Internet Risk, you, and the solution.


Add Audio
to Your Website:


BYO Audio

Does Your Website Talk? It can with this technology. This is a must have tool if you have a website -- and it's super easy to use! I've used about 3 other website audio services in the past, but BYO is the easiest and most cost effective so far. 



Press Release Services:


These are services where you can submit your press release for free or for a small fee.

One of my favorites although you'll pay a few bucks for their service.

Free press release distribution service to major search engines, web sites and newswires.

Another free press release distribution service.

>Yet another free press release distribution service to major search engines, web sites and newswires.

One of the best resources I've found for outsourcing these types of projects is Dr. Kevin Nunley. He's got all kinds of awesome deals and can have you looking like a pro and getting traffic to your site in no time.

Press Equalizer

This is another great tool I like to use to get my press releases out there much faster. This software kicks some major butt and will automate a lot of the submissions for you.





A great way to start getting your name out there is to submit articles for free online.



Ezines to Advertise in:

(prices listed are as a
guide only and do change
on a regular basis)


Directory of Ezines
(HIGHLY Recommended): This is a directory of literally thousands of ezines that you can research and place ads with in your relevant categories.

You'll have to purchase a membership to the directory, but it's worth the money. I recommend purchasing the lifetime membership because it'll save you money in the long run. There's also quite a bit of helpful information in the directory to help you with your quest.

Be sure to watch the directory of ezines video to learn how to operate and search for ezines in the directory.

This is another ezine directory run by Jerome Chapman.

Top Surfer
I love this little secret weapon. I usually run the solo ads for about $65 and have pulled as many as 300 newsletter subscribers from one single solo ad. They have tons of great promotional tools, and their list is extremely responsive to all kinds of moneymaking opportunities.
Here you'll find hundreds of different ezines and groups to choose from. They have many different ad packages and prices, it all depends on how much your budget is and if the list is relevant to your content.

Rent-a-list is a company that will let you mail 
their database of more than 2 million people. They have packages available to suit any budget and I've used them to do inexpensive tests before rolling out a pricey solo ad in other ezines. You may target specific countries and they Guarantee a 50% Click thru rate. This means if you pay to send 2000 emails they'll guarantee at least 1000 people will visit your site. Packages start at just $12.99.

2 Bucks An Ad
$10 per ad to 10 Ezines ($90 per ad to 90 Ezines)

Great place to test solo ads cheaply.

Village Of Tidbits
$30 per Solo Ad.

Biz Site Biz
$55 per Solo Ad, $45 per Top Sponsor Ad

Sendfree Advertising
$47 per Top Sponsor Autoresponder Ad

Online Exchange
$90 per Solo Ad, $40 per Top Sponsor Ad

$120 per Solo Ad, $50 per Top Sponsor Ad.

The Millenia
$120 per Solo Ad

Work At Home News
$99.95 per Solo Ad, $39.95 per Top Sponsor Ad.

Xtreme Marketing Tips
$199 per Solo Ad, $99 per Top Sponsor Ad.

$197 per Solo Ad, $87 per Top Sponsor Ad, $37 per Middle SponsorAd.

Direct Profits Ezine
$149 Solo Ads.

Marketing note: The key to achieving the best results is simple. You have to continually set up a pipeline of ezines.

Step 1: Test as many new Ezine sources as you can each week.

Step 2: Keep the ones that produce and place on-going ads with them.

Step 3: Go back to Step 1 and repeat!



Pay-Per-Click Search Engines:

  Overture (now owned by Yahoo) -
Ads placed through overture end up on search engines like Yahoo, MSN, Ask Jeeves, Alta Vista, etc. The downside to this PPC vendor is that you have to wait for your ads to be approved before they go live.

Google -
You can get a lot of exposure using Google Adwords, but there's a bit of a learning curve. The greatest thing about Google is your ads go live within 15 minutes.

Miva - 
Miva is the third biggest PPC search engine with usually cheaper rates than Overture and Google with bids starting at .05 cents. They have a relationship with search engines like, Excite, WebCrawler, MetaCrawler, Dogpile, Bizjournals, Mamma, Cometsearch.

There are tons more PPC search engines out there, but not all of them are worth the effort. To find out more about PPC search engines, here's a great reference website I use called:



Traffic Exchanges:

  There are two Traffic Exchanges I'm a paid member of. These are 123Clicks and Traffic Swarm.

Traffic Swarm is free to join, and really simple to get started with as well. I have a 'Pro' membership since I like the deals I get and the consistent traffic, but you can just purchase raw traffic as needed without any monthly charge.



Free Voicemail:

K7 allows you to receive faxes and voice messages without being at the office. You also get a free phone number that enables you to have your voicemail messages and faxes delivered directly to your computer.



Voice Broadcasting:


Protus & VoiceShot

If you've ever thought about doing voice broadcasting (sort of like automated telemarketing) to reach prospects, I strongly recommend Protus and Voiceshot for their great service, low cost and ease of use.





Nevada Corporate Planners

This is the only company I use to register my corporations and LLCs. You're going to get the best service and advice from them. NCP provides you with accurate, reliable, dependable service, and with ongoing support to help you succeed.

Before Incorporating, be sure to read this 42 page report!



Learn Computer Skills:

  The Newbie Club
The Newbie Club has been around for at least the last 10 years and is one of the best resources for the computer illiterate.

One Click Computer Video Learning
If you're intimidated by your computer, check out these great videos on doing everything from learning how to copy and paste to how to build web pages. Best of all, it's FREE




This is a really cool tool that allows your website to have a real person represent your product or opportunity on your website. They have tons of different models to choose from. You can have a personal host introduce your website to visitors.

Or you can use a model to explain your company’s products and/or services, or to help direct your visitors’ attention to anything you want.